Hassle-free Login to Access Services And Applications

In the near future, we won’t have troublesome password based logins we have to type out. Rather retinal scan and thumbprint will be used to login to applications and access services at the mass consumer level. No more passwords to remember.

Deconstruction of Complex Audio Into Individual Editable Midi Layers

With the increase in processing power, it is going to be possible to take a sample and let the computer analyse the waveform, recognize all the different instuments (or layers like wind, rustling of the leaves) and synthesize them to replicate each individual one and present it to back to the musician in the form […]

Unlimited File Space and The Permanent Replacement of Physical Storage by The Cloud

In the future, the internet will be as reliable as one’s hard disk is now. 24×7 access at the same speed as hard disks are, if not faster. This means all desktop applications will be stored in the cloud, however heavy duty or processor intensive they are. This also means that there will never be […]

Future Healthcare Concepts

First published at my website, ConeTrees. Summary Here are two human-centered healthcare concepts I have come up with and imagine will be true in the future where technology and service design are applied to not only make the health care experience invisible (concept 1) but fun and way beyond simply retaining the human element (concept […]